Happy Holidays to all of Team Riedell and Team Eclipse!

We hope that all of your skating wishes and dreams come true this season.

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Custom Comfort & Enhanced Performance

The R-Fit™ Footbed Kit is a comprehensive foot support system that fits into all skate types.

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Introducing Eclipse Quantum

With the lightweight Quantum Blade we did the math so that you can defy gravity

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The 3030 Aria

Feel as light as air with our strongest skate, the Aria and Eclipse Titanium Pinnacle Blades - the lightest weight combination on the market!

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Eclipse Titanium Figure Skate Blades

The lightest blades on the market, Titanium Blades, combine lightness and elegance with strength and performance to help you reach your skating dreams.

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Rachael Flatt, Johnny Weir, Kurt Browning and Elena Radionova are all Team Riedell

If you are on Team Riedell or Team Eclipse we'd love to hear your story! Write us and we might even feature your story!

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Coach Spotlight

"I worship Riedell. They make the best boots out there." - Coach Thomas Amon loves Riedell. Find out who else is on Team Riedell.

Team Riedell
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The Latest from iSkateRiedell

Catching Up with Elena Radionova, Part Two
November 15, 2016

Riedell offers the conclusion of our sit-down conversation with Russian figure skating star and Team Riedell member Elena...

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Don't wait until Halloween to wear a skating costume
October 24, 2016

Halloween is just around the corner, but figure skaters don’t have to wait until October 31st to dress up By guest writer...

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Prevent Figure Skating Injuries and Reduce Long-Term Pain
October 12, 2016

Figure skating requires emotional, mental and physical dedication. As the figure skating season ramps up, you should ask yourself:...

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Defy Gravity with the Eclipse Quantum Figure Skate Blade
September 23, 2016

Eclipse Blades™, part of Riedell Skates Company, offers competitive skaters a beautiful blade with true edge consistency...

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The Latest from Riedell TV

R-Fit Footbed Kit for Riedell Skates
March 10, 2016

The R-Fit Footbed Kit for skates is featured in this video. Dan Rigelman talks about the features and benefits of the kit and how to prepare the kit for use in skates.

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Riedell Skate Fitting Video
March 10, 2016

Find your correct size in Riedell Skates with our how to video featuring the Fit Sizer.

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Eclipse Blade Mounting Video
March 10, 2016

Have you ever wondered how to mount a skate blade? DIY with our how to video featuring Eclipse Blades and Riedell Skates.

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